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Palm Vein Recognition Technology

Palm vein recognition captures the image of vein pattern located 3mm below the surface skin through the absorption and reflection of oxygenated hemoglobin in the blood under a special spectrum.


Advantage of Inomec Palm Vein Recognition

Inomec palm vein recognition integrates cutting-edge technologies, achieves the real high-precision in vivo and contactless recognition and solves the problems of forgery, privacy and security.

  • In Vivo Features

  • Recognition Contactless

  • Recognition High-Precision


Core Technology Of Inomec Palm Vein Recognition

Depth-based 3D Modeling Technology

Depth-based 3D Modeling Technology

Inomec Depth-based 3D Modeling Technology extracts 3D features from the palm vein images in different distances and depths. It ensures ultra-high recognition accuracy in contactless using scenarios by reducing the impact of changes in the size, shape, position, angle, and brightness of the hand.

High-speed Fusion Matching Engine

High-Speed Fusion Matching Engine

Inomec High-speed Fusion Matching Engine integrates Edge Quantization detection algorithm and 3D Structure Modeling algorithm. It guarantees ultra-high matching speed and performance under high data volume and ensures FAR 0.00001%.

Edge quantization algorithm

Three dimensional modeling algorithm

In Vivo Biometrics Capturing Technology

In Vivo Biometrics Capturing Technology

Inomec precision optics and compound illumination system allows adequate light to under skin promote the light to fully penetrate into the skin and reduce the influence of external light, and accurately captures high-quality images and features of the vein.


Biometric Matrix

Palm veinFingerprint

Compared to fingerprint, palm vein is an in vivo feature which cannot be abrased or forged

Palm veinFace

Compared to face, palm vein is stable and unique, and is not affected by expressions, accessories or makeups

Palm veinIris

Compared to iris, palm vein is more friendly to user and is more convenient

Palm veinFinger vein

Compared to finger vein, palm vein have more abundant features and is more accurate

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